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Why we do what we do…

Vibby was founded by a team of individuals who believe that everyone should have the power to capture and share the moments that matter from any video.

Every video strategy that exists today has to compromise between attribution and distribution. This must change! The reason we wake up every morning to work on Vibby is its potential to create an ecosystem in which anyone can share any part of any video, while fully protecting and rewarding the original publisher. It's a win-win! Viewers share what they want, and publishers benefit every time a vib is shared.

Vibby is our manifestation of the way video sharing was meant to be.

We are enabling a future in which publishers and audiences aren’t at odds, one in which they work together to make video better. .

We give publishers and viewers what they have always wanted: Publishers get better distribution, engagement, analytics, and revenue, while viewers get a seamless way to share the best moments of video with friends and followers.

We are a growing international team of video geeks who are passionate about building the next evolution of video. If you are too, let's talk!

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